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Welcome to the Atlantic Collaborative on Injury Prevention 

The Atlantic Collaborative on Injury Prevention (ACIP) is a partnership of injury prevention practitioners from both government and non-government organizations. The goal of ACIP is to reduce the burden of injury in Atlantic Canada.

Stay in touch with injury prevention events and announcements from Atlantic Canada and beyond, by joining our mailing list on the left.

*Important Notice Regarding the ACIP Listserv

Please be advised that we have experienced technical issues with our listserv and are unable to recover any back up files of our mailing list. If you were a previous subscriber to our listserv, please re-sumbit your name and email address in the boxes to the left hand side of the page (under "Stay in Touch"). 

We appreciate your patience as we work to rebuild this network and remain connected. Thank you for understanding!

La collaboration de l'Atlantique sur la prévention des traumatismes (CAPB) est un partenariat d'intervenants en prévention des blessures des deux organismes gouvernementaux et non gouvernementaux. Le but de la CAPB est de réduire la charge des traumatismes au Canada atlantique.

Restez en contact avec des événements de prévention des blessures et des annonces du Canada atlantique et ailleurs, en se joignant à notre liste d'envoi sur la gauche.

Did you know?

Injuries are the leading cause of death
for Atlantic Canadians aged 1-44 years.

Le saviez-vous?

Les blessures constituent la principale cause de décès des Canadiens de l’Atlantique âgés de 1 an à 44 ans?