The Social Determinants of Injury


What are the Social Determinants of Injury?

The social determinants of health are linked to injury through a variety of pathways including risks and hazards in community and home environments, stress caused by poverty and social exclusion, workplace pressure, hazards, and access to safety equipment, services, and education.

The connection between socioeconomic status (SES) and injury is mediated by conditions in workplace, housing, education, family, and neighbourhood contexts as well as type of injury. Future policy involving injury prevention must be designed using a social determinant of injury lens.

The Topics found under the Social Determinants of Injury Tab are only some of the social determinants, rather there are several other determinants which could be included. 

Lund, C., Brooke-Sumner, C., Baingana, F., Baron, E. C., Breuer, E., Chandra, P., ... & Saxena, S. (2018). Social determinants of mental disorders and the Sustainable Development Goals: a systematic review of reviews. The Lancet Psychiatry5(4), 357-369.

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